Actium is a private biotechnology company exploiting unique stem cell technology to develop cancer therapeutics, and regenerative medicine drugs. Actium’s mission is to identify and develop breakthrough drugs and technologies to fulfill critical needs of physicians and patients in treating severe diseases and tissue damage.

The company has know how, expertise and unique, proprietary approaches to control stem cell differentiation which allows it to develop a wide range of novel, human cell assays and do high throughput drug screening using adult human stem cells. Actium is working on a pipeline of small molecules targeting cancer and non-cancer stem cells and on targets that may be amenable to therapeutic antibody development. Key to portfolio management is a merit-based resourcing strategy whereby projects compete for resource allocations based on successful progression through stages of development.

Actium’s business model includes platform partnering and sales and royalties from its products.


Latest news:

May 29 2012: Actium Research and McMaster University Collaborate to Commercialize Stem Cell Technologies. Read full PDF.














The Actium Advantage
Biotechnology product platform company addressing global need for innovative drugs and technologies
Highly successful management team with broad range of expertise
Combined in-licensing and internal invention strategies
Focus on revenue and cash flow from product commercialization, partnering and M&A activities